LAS VEGAS  — (02-08-21) — Fun Size Boys unleash Dr. Wolf, Austin Young, Marcus and Felix starring in ‘FUN-PACK Chapter 6: Principle’s Office (2021), the latest in Daddy/Twink raw genre that 18-25 fans will go crazy over.

The Fun Size Boys Network premiered the Principal’s Office series back in November with its release of ‘Marcus & Felix: EP01 Principal’s Office‘ (2020).  This time out the Fun Size Boys Network delivers a daddy/twink bareback foursome scene destined to be a hit!

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“Austin knew Marcus had been called to the principal’s office not long ago—everyone gossiped in the lunchroom—but there was something different about Marcus when he came to class, and it was something Austin was sure he recognized. It was a subtle smirk in the corner of the boy’s mouth and a knowing glint in the way Marcus maintained eye contact when he caught Austin staring.

It took a measure of courage for Austin to follow Marcus behind one of the school buildings between classes and even longer to bring up what had happened. They didn’t know one another well. But sure enough, Marcus bragged about his time in Principal Kamp’s office and it had been hotter than Austin had imagined.

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Apparently, the tall, beefy man hadn’t removed a shred of clothing and just pleasured Marcus to orgasm. What sort of punishment was that supposed to be? It sounded amazing! Together, the boys hatched a plan to get called into the office at the same time. Austin and Marcus would skip class together in their hangout spot a few days in a row and wait for the inevitable summons.

Now that they were in Principal Kamp’s office, Austin was suddenly nervous as he and Marcus obeyed orders and stripped to their briefs. He counted in his head the number of times he had been with the tall, sexy men around campus; Mr. Ryan the janitor, Lt. Adams, the recruiter who visited for career fairs, and now Dr. Wolf was the school nurse!

How many times had he been with that mountain of a man or spent the day imagining that he was sliding up and down on the doctor’s giant cock? The rush of it all had Austin’s heart pounding almost as much as the thought of being Principal Kamp’s tiny little play thing.”

FUN-PACK Chapter 6: Principle’s Office starring Dr. Wolf, Austin Young, Marcus and Felix premiered on the Fun Size Boys Network February 5, 2021.

FUN-PACK Chapter 6: Principle’s Office (NSFW Trailer)

Fun Size Boys FUN-PACK Chapter 6-Principal's Office-Official Trailer-2021-08-02-jrl-charts

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