ATLANTA, GA — (03-26-21) — Following Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signing a draconian Restrictive Voting Law on Thursday, voting rights groups filed a lawsuit over the Republican-crafted law that gives state lawmakers more power over elections and imposes a variety of new voting restrictions.

The 35-page Complaint filed in federal court on Thursday in Atlanta, alleges that minority voters were targeted by the new legislation. It also claims that the draconian law illegally suppresses voters’ rights in violation of constitutional protections and the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

According to the lawsuit, the new restrictions are “clearly intended to and will have the effect of making it harder for lawful Georgia voters to participate in the State’s elections,” claiming that the new Republican-crafted law will impose “unjustifiable burdens” that disproportionately impact minorities as well as young, poor and disabled voters.

The items in the new law include limiting the use of ballot drop boxes and setting photo ID requirements for absentee voting, among other restrictions.

Gov. Brian Kemp Defends Voter Suppression Bill

The GOP-controlled state General Assembly gave final approval to the measure in a party-line vote Thursday. The governor was so ashamed of the bill that he signed it behind closed doors and surrounded by all white men with a picture of a former slave owner’s home in the background.

Democrats crucial victories in the 2020 Georgia races terrified Republicans who fear that their power is slipping away in every election. Voters in the peach state sent two Democratic senators to Washington after a pair of January runoff elections handed Democrats a razor-thin majority in the Senate.

In November, President Biden not only won the presidential election with the most votes of any campaign, but also became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia since former President Clinton in 1992.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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