CZECH REPUBLIC — (01-01-21) — BelAmi wastes no time in bringing their massive fan base ‘Torsten Ullman and Nils Tatum’ (2021) to kick off 2021 on digital.

“When we decided to bring out all the big names for Christmas, Torsten and Nils were of course at the top of the list, and luckily we have this scene with them together as part of our Sex Safari programming,” said executive producer George Duroy.

BelAmi-Torsten Ullman-and-Nils Tatum-gay-2021-01-01-JRL-CHARTS

BelAmi-Torsten Ullman-and-Nils Tatum-gay-2021-01-01-JRL-CHARTS-003

BelAmi-Torsten Ullman-and-Nils Tatum-gay-2021-01-01-JRL-CHARTS-004

“Having to work to pick up a guy is not something that Torsten usually encounters, so when Nils plays hard to get today Torsten starts to worry that he may be losing his touch. Eventually Nils gives Torsten an opening, which he is quick to take advantage of and quickly whisks his new conquest away to his own little private paradise. We all knew that Nils would eventually give in, but we still watch this scene grateful that he did. Nils is the bottom here today as his buddy proves to him that he made the right choice in giving in to his seduction. The sex here is incredibly hot and leaves us wanting for the encounter to be repeated but with Nils fucking Torsten!”

The bareback big dick production of ‘Torsten Ullman and Nils Tatum’ premiered on the BelAmiOnline Network on December 26, 2020.

Watch ‘Torsten Ullman and Nils Tatum’ (NSFW) (2021)

BelAmi-Torsten Ullman and Nils Tatum gay porn movie trailer

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Produced by:
George Duroy

Production Companies:
BelAmi Entertainment

Pulse Distribution (DVD) (USA)
Vimpex Gay Media (DVD) (Europe)

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Czech Republic


Digital Release date:
December 26, 2020

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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