CZECH REPUBLIC — (12-02-20) — The Freshmen Network is back with a jaw dropper with ‘Olaf Mortensen Pounding Dylan Maguire’ raw on digital download. Following the success of George Duroy’s ‘Miles Murray and Jamie Eliot’ (2020) and ‘Ayden Mallory and Kieran Benning‘ (2020), the Freshmen Network drops ‘Olaf Mortensen Pounding Dylan Maguire Raw’.

Freshmen Unveil Olaf Mortensen x Dylan Maquire (2020)-JRL-CHARTS-04

Freshmen Unveil Olaf Mortensen x Dylan Maquire (2020)-JRL-CHARTS-02

Freshmen Unveil Olaf Mortensen x Dylan Maquire (2020)-JRL-CHARTS-03

“We have been eager to pair Olaf with Dylan Maguire ever since Olaf joined our Freshmen family. Dylan’s performance is always superb, however when paired with a partner whose ass and nipples are as fantastic as Olaf’s, his performance rises to spectacular.

We know Dylan is an energetic and voracious top and that Olaf is an eager and excellent bottom. Though Dylan would like nothing more than to plunge his dick into Olaf’s ample butt, he decides to make Olaf work for it. This “work” entails lavish blow jobs and copious rimming which Olaf engages in eagerly.

When Dylan finally relents and slides his rock-hard cock into Olaf, it’s evident that Olaf has been transported to a higher level of ecstasy. We expected Dylan to let himself go completely.

Instead, he takes it slow at first, intent on giving his buddy as much pleasure as possible, picking up the pace until Olaf is about to shoot, before slowing down again to make it last. When Dylan is finally ready to let his fuck buddy cum, he takes matters into his own hands- fucking and jerking Olaf until he shoots a huge load all over himself.”

‘Olaf Mortensen Pounding Dylan Maguire’ raw premiered on the Freshmen Network on December 2nd, 2020.

‘Olaf Mortensen Pounding Dylan Maguire NSFW Trailer

Freshmen-gay-porn-Olaf Mortensen-Dylan Maguire

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George Duroy

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Czech Republic

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Digital Release date:
December 2, 2020

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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