CZECH REPUBLIC — (01-31-21) — BelAmi Entertainment kicks off the Valentine’s Day Season with the release of ‘Jeroen Mondrian Taking Every Inch of Yannis Paluan’ (2021) on digital download.  Following the success of BelAmi Entertainment’s Torsten Ullman and Nils Tatum (2021) and BelAmi’ Big Budget Love Story ‘Give Me Some More’ (2020), they unleash upon their massive fan base, Jeroen Mondrian and Yannis Paluan Raw (2021).

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BelAmi Unleash Jeroen Mondrian taking Yannis Paluan-gay-porn-new-01-31-01-jrl-charts-003

BelAmi Unleash Jeroen Mondrian taking Yannis Paluan-gay-porn-new-01-31-01-jrl-charts-004

“Summer in Prague consists of 2 groups of guys. 12 lucky ones who were chosen for the school, and then another group who came along just for the fun. We all know that Yannis’ English is excellent already, so in no need of schooling he decided to fill his time doing other things. Jeroen, on the other hand would have loved to join the student group, so he jumps at the chance of some private lessons from Yannis. Of course, after a couple of beers they forget all about the promise of personal improvement and settle for hot sex instead. As both of these guys’ butts are in our hall of fame, it is hard to predict who is going to take on which role, but in the end it is Yannis who takes the red pill and is awakened to the utopia that is fucking Jeroen’s ass.”

Jeroen Mondrian and Yannis Paluan Raw on January 31, 2021 exclusively on the BelAmiOnline Network.

Watch Jeroen Mondrian X Yannis Paluan (2021) (NSFW)

BelAmiOnline-Jeroen Mondrian taking Yannis Paluan-gay-porn-movie-trailer

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Digital Release date:
January 30, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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