WASHINGTON, D.C. — (04-20-20) — President Donald Trump lashed out at the press saying “The Press is fomenting tremendous anger”.  Too bad no one in his administration hasn’t reminder the president that the White House Press Corp is designed to ask hard questions and not puff puff questions that he is accustomed to on FOX News opinion shows.

Over the past two weeks the Donald Trump has grown agitated with the questions he has been asked pertaining to his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic which has resulted in 775,000+ coronavirus cases in the United States and 42,043 deaths as of April 20, 2020.

After a question from OANN about bipartisanship and his relationship with Democrats, the president said there has been bipartisanship in addressing the economic concerns of the coronavirus pandemic.

Once he was done saying that the press was Fomenting Tremendous Anger, h took to lashing out at Speaker Nancy Pelosi by saying she’s been “very nasty” and “wasted a lot of time on the impeachment hoax.” said Trump.

The president also took some shots at the press and complained about getting “hostile” questions:

“The people are really coming together. I think you’re going to find that our country is much more unified. I do think that the press, the media, foments a lot of this, a lot of anger. I really believe it, foments tremendous anger. For instance, I’ll be asked a tremendously hostile question from somebody and then I’ll answer in a hostile way which is appropriate. Otherwise you look foolish. Otherwise it looks like just walk off the stage and bow your head. I can’t do that. You know, I just can’t do that. But a lot of these questions are asked from certain networks are so hostile and there’s no reason for it. There’s no reason for it.”

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Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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