WASHINGTON, D.C. — (04-10-20) — Hidden away in a new poll about the response to the coronavirus crisis is a shocking new poll showing Republicans trust medical information more from President Donald Trump than they do from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).

Approval of president Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been steadily declining since a peak several weeks ago. Now in the newest CBS News poll released Friday morning, shows 47 percent of Americans think Trump is doing a “good job” on the coronavirus pandemic, down from 51 percent last week and 53 percent the week before.

New CBS Poll Shows Republicans trust Trump Coronavirus Info Over CDC

But a look at the CBS News poll shows a stunning result when respondents were asked “Who do you trust for specific medical information about the coronavirus outbreak?”

Among the choices were president Trump, scientists and medical professionals, and the CDC.

Only 37 percent of Americans said they trust Trump, while 78 percent said they trust the CDC, and 86 percent trust the scientists and medical professionals.

Democrats trust Trump the least at nine percent. Independents are right in line with the national number at 38 percent. But 80 percent of Republicans said they trust Trump for medical information about the coronavirus, while only 74 percent said they trust the CDC. Doctors and scientists like Anthony Fauci squeaked past Trump at 85 percent.

10 Times President Trump downplayed Coronavirus

Trump has repeatedly and confidently spread misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, including comparing it to the seasonal flu — a message which another recent poll shows is penetrating with consumers of conservative media.

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Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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