Thessaloniki, Greece — (04-12-19) — Modus Vivendi brings you first look at its Spring Fest Line campaign M/V. The Greece based men’s underwear, swimwear and sportswear brand proudly presents the Spring Fest Line in time for PRIDE Season.

According to the publicity division at Modus Vivendi, the Spring Fest Line from the Spring Summer Collection 2019, was inspired by dance.

The brand that is now celebrating its 30th Anniversary, wants you to be you with the Spring Fest line.

Modus Vivendi describes the Spring Fest Line:

“Life is simple, start with choosing the perfect underwear. Dance with me? Find the perfect dance partner in life and dance like nobody is watching. The Spring Fest line is here to enable you to express and impress while enjoying life. The uniqueness of the fabric along with the extra brilliant details can dance away your shy self. The Spring Fest line comprises of Jockstrap, Brief, Boxer and Tanktop.”

The Modus Vivendi Spring Fest line is available in blue, has the classic Modus Vivendi logo on the extra brilliant waistband, and manufactured to perfection. Not only that but its also made of satin pleated shiny fabric.

Modus Viventi Unveil its Spring Fest Line Campaign for Men

Lets face it, the Spring Fest Line is definition of ultra luxury. The uniqueness of the fabric along with the shiny waistband and the perfect fit makes this line a must have.

Adult boutiques interested in stocking the Spring Fest Line and all of the Modus Vivendi collections, can contact Click Here or, EMAIL their corporate offices.

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Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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