THESSALONIKI, GREECE — (05-22-19) — Modus Vivendi Apparel presents its Camo Marine Swimwear Collection MV.  The Camo Marine Swimwear video shoot took place in Acapulco, Mexico.

Stunning model Lautaro Gonzalez was tapped to exhibit the exquisite Modus Vivendi Camo Marine Swimwear Collection. It’s time for some fun in the sun!

The company says the launch of the Camo Marine Swimwear Collection was inspired by Camo print.

To help get excited we created the Camo Marine swimwear for you to have a major fashion trend packed for your tropical adventures. It’s a nice opportunity to break out some color with the Camo print in khaki and aqua!

Modus Vivendi Unleash the Camo Marine Line Swimwear MV 2019

According to Modus Vivendi’  you can lie on beach, participate in water sports, or relax by the pool all day wearing the key piece of the summer the Camo Marine swimwear.

The Camo Marine Swimwear Collection comprises of Low Cut Brief, Brief, Trunk Boxer and Short.  The new collection is made from a fast drying, high quality material, made of polyester elastane fibers, which features a printed geometrical camouflage pattern.

Available in khaki and aqua, these swim pieces are ideal for beach days, poolside parties, or a sunny brunch near the water.

Modus Vivendi: Official Website

Directed by: Gastohn Barrios

Filming Location: Barra Vieja, Acapulco, Mexico

Retail boutiques who wish to stock the  sexy Camo Marine Swimwear Collection, can  contact Modus Vivendi wholesale division at +30 2310 305831 | EMAIL | Official  Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Tumblr | Twitter | YouTube

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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