WESTERN AUSTRALIA — (11-28-18) — Two women are on the run for the $600 Dildo & Vibrators heist that took place at a popular adult store in Western Australia.

Police confirmed to JRL CHARTS that they have been on the hunt for two women who are accused of stealing AUD$600 (£330/$430) worth of sex toys from Libido Adult Superstore located at 97 James St, Northbridge, WA, Australia.

Libido adult superstore

The two female bandits have now been charged by Western Australia Police Force after CCTV footage was shared by Libido Adult Super Store on their Facebook page. The women were accused of stealing the ‘sex toys’at 12:10 a.m on November 3.

Come Hither RabbitThe MailOnline reports that they allegedly removed packaging from four ‘high-end’ vibrators and left the store with the sex toys hidden in their clothing. At least they didn’t hide them in the most obvious place.

Libido Adult Superstore owner Garry Smith, told the Daily Mail that the women managed to take off with four of his best-selling vibrators.

Two of the sex toys stolen was the Come Hither Rabbit and Commotion Rhumbawhich which retail in the price ranges of $85 – 140USD / AUD$280 (£155/$200).  Garry Smith alleges that one woman initially entered the adult store alone and opened the packaging of a vibrator while staff was busy with other customers.

Smith says that the woman then left before returning with a friend to rip off more items. He said CCTV footage shown to police showed the two women grabbing three other vibrators that are priced between AUD$85 (£47/$60) and AUD $140 (£77/$100). They then took them into the dressing room.

Commotion RhumbaOnce the two women secured the stolen items upon their persons, they allegedly left the empty packaging or the sex toys in the changing room. Then left with the adult store with the stolen merchandise while the staff was busy with other customers.

Libido Adult Superstore is was offering a AUD$50 (£27/$35) voucher to identify the women.

“This isn’t something that happens once in a blue moon” said Garry Smith who says that every six months he loses around AUD$2,500 (£1,380/$1,790) in stolen merchandise.

Libido owner Garry Smith went on to say…“It’s just a constant issue for us. We have a lot of issues, because we are one of the few retailers on the street, we’re open during night time to capture that passing trade.” said Smith.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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