Because Every Man’s Essence Is Unique, TIMGEAR Brings the MASTER

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (09-21-18) — TIMGEAR continues to expand its reach with MASTER Cologne male fragrance from the Paul Morris signature line

The Paul Morris MASTER Cologne commercials just dropped with one for the light heart-ed and one for the true Treasure Island Media fan who will ad it immediately to your favorites.

George Michael – Clean Version:


According to the R & D department at TIMGEAR, MASTER blends with your primal essence to create a uniquely dominant and arousing sexual aroma. You witness a not-so-subtle leather presence, a sophisticated sense of cedar, and a gritty undertone of man musk, your man musk!

Designed in collaboration with Matthew Camp exclusively for Paul Morris, this powerful parfum’s alchemy is as unique as yours. In fact the Master Cologne is erotic and earthy. Not to mention very potent.

master cologne set - TIMGEAR

According to the sales division at TIMGEAR, they recommend you use it sparingly and wisely, No joke. Men everywhere will be drawn to your distinctly personal aroma. While MASTER can and will induce erotic behavior.

Review the MASTER Cologne commercials and make sure to leave a comment for the TIMGEAR crew. Then, visit the official TIMGEAR Online Superstore to purchase your very own MASTER Cologne from the Paul Morris Signature Collection.

Retailers can get wholesale information by contacting Tim Tucker at 1-415-813-5116 | EMAIL | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter | YouTube.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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