By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

TIM GEAR Apparel continues its expansion worldwide in Men’s Apparel with its sexy new Boxer Style Street Shorts! This is the perfect item for Gay men worldwide for PRIDE 2018!

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TIM GEAR’s publicity division wants you to remember that men should make sure to have at least ONE pair of the Boxer Style Street Shorts which are available in Black — for when you are going to the gym to cruise guys or to work out! Also to jog and hike or, sport them out on the town at the happy hour bar or to really drive men and girls crazy, sport them to the movies and last but not least…when you want to really look hot and butch, wear a pair of the Boxer Style Street Shorts during a barbecue? Nothing like the steam running up your…….

Meant to be worn without underwear and low on the hips,the Boxer Style Street Shorts give you easy-on easy-off access when the time is right. They’re as comfortable as your high school coach’s well-worn gym gear — and the extra thick material, mock fly, and zipper back pocket will keep you stylin’ no matter the occasion. Built with comfort in mind, you won’t believe how casual they feel while looking super sharp and stylish!

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Consumers can purchase the Boxer Style Street Shorts exclusively at the TIM GEAR Online Superstore.

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