The popular ‘STASH CRATES’ by Treasure Island Media (T.I.M), has a special gift for its most loyal fans! A ridiculously good present this autumn from Treasure Island Media and New Barbary Coast as they unleash their latest STASH CRATE has been released worldwide.

Sporting new industrial graphics and $180+ in content,  TIMGear, and more, Treasure Island Media (T.I.M), and New Barbary Coast  Distribution (NBCD) , are pushing the envelope to give their biggest supporters something different – a porn subscription that’s actually FUN!

This season’s STASH CRATE promises to be the best one yet. Especially if you’re a T.I.M fan residing outside the continental US.

“We wanted the new design to debut alongside the global expansion,” said members of the STASH team. Citing the rising demand from European fans, “We felt it vital that our international customers get something they hadn’t seen before online.”

Stash Crate

Fall 2018’s crate will contain a minimum of three movies, along with a yet-to-be revealed toy for men and other porn-related goodies.

To learn more about STASH CRATES, visit the official site now.

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STASH CRATES are a quarterly (4x per year) subscription for gay men that ships gay porn and more across the globe. MSRP starts at $49.95 for domestic customers and additional options for International customers who will be able to receive discreet shipping.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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