Tulsa, Oklahoma business owners, neighbors and parents who are upset over Hustler Hollywood coming to town, took part in a meeting held at Bishop Kelley High School on Wednesday to voice their opposition to plans by Hustler Hollywood bringing their retail business to their neighborhood.

According to Tulsa’s zoning division, permits began back in April for Larry Flynt’s Hustler Hollywood store to open a new location at 6321 E. 41st St.

District 5 City Councilor Karen Gilbert was in attendance for the meeting and took questions from 16 concerned residents. However at the time of this posting,  the official Hustler Hollywood Store Locator which displays all their 24 brick & mortar locations does not show a store ‘coming soon’ or planned at 6321 E. 41st St. in Tulsa, OK.

The main question that continued to be thrown at Gilbert was…..”What can be done to stop the store in its tracks? City Councilor Karen Gilbert responded by saying “the answer is not much.:

According to the city’s zoning code, the area in which the building is located is zoned for retail and the Hustler Hollywood retail chain has filed their paperwork reporting themselves as a retail business, not an adult-oriented one.  In fact Hustler Hollywood has already been issued an electrical permit and an interior remodeling permit.

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Once Hustler Hollywood representatives file for an occupancy license, that is when people opposed to the measure will be able to once again speak out. Zoning officials will determine the percentage of adult products on display at the Hustler Hollywood store but once that is determined, plans to open will move forward.

Karen Gilbert told locals i the meeting that if the store has more than 10 percent of adult items on display, zoning officials can deem it a sexually oriented business, said Gilbert. “This is just as frustrating to me as it is to you all,” said Gibert.

Father Gary Kastl, president of Bishop Kelley, which is located just across Interstate 44 from where the new store would be located was in attendance at the meeting and said such a shop would be a “direct violation” of the school’s values. “As a Catholic school, we have a particular set of values around the gift and beauty of human sexuality,” said Father Kastl.

Father Kastl was quick to say… “Tulsa city ordinance prohibits sexually oriented businesses from locating within 1,000 feet of each other or properties utilized as schools or religious facilities. Current zoning restrictions prohibit a sexually oriented business from opening at the planned location.” said Father Kastl.

Karen Gilbert told the attendees that they could email city councilors or use the city ‘311 system’ to file complaints.  According to Gilbert, once a complaint is reported, it can be tracked online as it makes its way through city departments. Many in attendance saw that as a brush off and when they saw that their objections were falling on death ears, Father Kastl asked Gilbert in a sarcastic tone, ‘What comes next?’

“Be on standby, please” replied Karen Gilbert..”As we move thorough the process, I will update everybody where we are and how the other inspections come out. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait and go from there.” said Gilbert.

Even the mainstream local media outlets covered the Hustler Hollywood retail chain coming to Tulsa.

The Hustler Hollywood Retail chain operates 24 brick & mortar locations nationwide. If you haven’t experienced shopping at one of their exquisite boutiques, CLICK HERE to find a location near you.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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