The ‘Pleasure Emporium’ located at 1321 S 30th Ave in Hollywood, FL, had unexpected visitors which lead to the store making local network news as undercover police officers entered the popular adult video store and arrested 13 men on charges of alleged Lewd Conduct.

According to the spokesperson of the Hollywood Police Department, several undercover detectives entered the store and witnessed the men with their sexual organs exposed and performing lewd acts on themselves or each other inside the theaters at Pleasure Emporium.

All 13 men are facing charges of exposure of sexual organs and/or lascivious act.

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Police released a list of the suspects to the Media:

1. Canon, Mauricio W/M 01/09/1970

2. Guerrero, Juan W/M 12/18/1984

3. Perez-Bobadilla, Jose 10/28/1970

4. Rapps, Lawrence W/M 05/09/1964

5. Remedios, Nilos G W/M 09/19/1959

6. Rodriguez, Jose W/M 02/06/1968

7. Sapharti, Eliu W/M 08/31/1969

8. Savinon-Gonzalez, Victor W/M 07/21/1975

9. St. Surin, Jean B/M 07/09/1964

10. Tarpley, Hugh W/M 08/31/1947

11. Turizo, Robin W/M 02/13/1965

12. Velez, Pablo W/M 06/20/1953

13. Vergara-Araque, Gerson W/M 08/29/1983

Hollywood Police added that the arrests at the adult store follow a similar operation they conducted back in February when undercover detectives arrested six patrons at the Pleasure Emporium.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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