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BATH, ENGLAND — Just when you thought Lovehoney could not out do itself, the award winning company has a new survey of 1,100 Lovehoney consumers revealing that nearly a quarter (23 percent) of music festival attendees have had sex at Lollapalooza.

“Music festivals bring together thousands of people to enjoy great music in an amazing atmosphere.” said Sabrina Earnshaw, Lovehoney trade sales manager. “Without a doubt, great sex and great music go hand-in-hand. Festival season is upon us and we are currently receiving lots of enquiries into our ranges of official pleasure collections with both Mötley Crüe and Motörhead. Rock on!” said Earnshaw.

The Lovehoney poll asked respondents about their sexual activities during music festivals. It found that out of all the 2017 Lollapalooza acts, 10 percent of respondents want to have sex to Blink 182, followed by Lorde (8 percent), Muse (6.3 percent), The Killers (6.3 percent) and Tove Lo (4 percent).

Of those who have sex at festivals, 40 percent had tent sex with their current partner. More than a quarter of people were caught up in the atmosphere and had sex with someone whom they met at the festival; and almost 10 percent of people saw that love blossomed by the beer tent, starting relationships after meeting someone at a festival.

In terms of key locations on festival grounds, 28 percent had sex in a camping tent, 15 percent in their cars and 13 percent had sex while in the crowd at a festival.

According to Lovehoney’s results, approximately one third (33 percent) of those polled have not had sex at a music festival but would like to. The Lovehoney survey results are:

Top 5 Music Festivals to Have Sex

1. Lollapalooza (23 percent)
2. Coachella (14.3 percent)
3. Austin City Limits (10 percent)
4. Burning Man (9 percent)
5. SXSW (7.5 percent)

Top 5 Places Within Festivals to Have Sex

1. Camping tent (29 percent)
2. Car (15 percent)
3. In the crowd (13 percent)
4. Quiet spot in a field (12.5 percent)
5. RV (6 percent)

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