AUSTIN, TX — (08-20-19) — Fleshlight Distribution announces its expansion with its award winning brands to adult stores, retail chain stores and sex toy distributors.

“We here at Fleshlight Distribution are proud of where we have been able to take the brand in all these years,” Fleshlight Distribution said in a press release to wholesalers.

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“There have been many changes over this last year focused on revising and improving our available product selection and we have finally completed that journey. Along with our new website set to launch very soon, we have made the decision to expand our entire line to both retailers and distributors.

“For many, this has been a longtime request and as a company we feel this is the best solution to give all customers equal access to our products.”

Fleshlight will begin enforcing a minimum order quantity of six units per SKU for all Fleshlight products sold direct, in order “to move orders out twice as fast and maximize efficiency.”

“Fleshlight is no stranger to the adult industry and we are very aware these minimums are going to make it difficult for some customers to order directly as often as they may like,” the company said. “This is why we are also opening up our entire catalog to distributors. It is our goal to ensure nobody is left behind during this transition.”

The new system for Fleshlight will begin on Sept. 20, and customers may continue to order as they have been doing so until then.

Contact Fleshlight Distribution at 1-877-235-3478 | International: 512-368-3030 | Fax: 512-462-0563 | EMAIL.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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