By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

RENO, NV — A transgender woman made history by clinching the Republican nomination to represent a Nevada Assembly seat in a race which could have national implications for the conservative republican party.

Executive director of Equality Nevada, Lauren Scott, scored 58 percent of the vote last Tuesday July 11, in the state Assembly’s 30th District.

If Scott pulls off the win in November, Scott could be the nation’s first openly transgender state legislator in the history of the Republican party. The only other transgender woman, Dana Beyer, who is currently running in Maryland’s Democratic state primary Senate seat, would make 2017 a landmark year for Transgender citizens nationwide and would also change the landscape of politics for decades to come.

“I have always been a moderate and I am willing to work with Democrats and Republicans to find solutions to the problems facing Nevada today,” said the for member of the U.S. Air Force for nearly seven years Lauren Scott – in a statement after her victory last Tuesday.

According to GOP operatives, Scott winning legislative district seat would be a major victory considering the state’s Democratic-leaning Reno chamber.  However, Scott feels that her background as a former Democrat before registering as a Republican in 2011, could help her in her bid to unseat the Democratic incumbent, State Assemblyman Michael Sprinkle.

Last Thursday, Lauren Scott hinted that she may garner national support from the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, a group well known for working to elect LGBT candidates to public office.


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