By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

The J-Pop boy band MeseMoa shocked their fan base and mainstream media when they dropped their new music video in which all members of the band are kissing each other through the entire four minute video of “Shadow Kiss” [2017]!

For years the band has been questioned about their sexuality and had refused to give any incite into their genres however after the release of their new single and the displays of passion among-st the boy band members, it is quite obvious that the question has been answered.

Now yes, some will say they are simply expressing their creative talents and the theme fits the song “Shadow Kiss” [2017]…..I don’t think so!..But that is this reporter’s opinion.

While most of the western world has hang ups on watching gay themed music videos, Japan, believe it or not, doesn’t have that type of hangup with their teen idol superstar boy band MeseMoa.

For nearly the entire 3.58 minutes music video, all nine male members of the band kiss each other with outstanding camera angles.

“Shadow Kiss” is the first single of the band’s new album, “Secret.”

Not only is the backdrop set in a church, but the director has them kissing each other’s mouths, chests, and one to explosive to mention.  You must watch it to believe it.

Watch J-Pop boy band MeseMoa’s new single “Shadow Kiss” [2017]

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