By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

‘So Gay:Bigger Man Remix by Krupatron [2018] is the new electric dance mix from openly gay electrifying music artist Hunter, who gets the LGTBQ army up and dancing with this energy filled mix that you are sure to share with your followers and friends immediately upon reviewing this must watch electrifying track.

The extravagant, daring and don’t take names Hunter made an instant impact upon releasing ‘So Gay: Bigger Man Mix [2018] as it made its debut on the Gay Music Chart [2018] Week 05 at an impressive #23.

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This is a great achievement for Hunter as he dares to proclaim his homosexuality in music ina country where homosexuality is criminalized and punished by prison or worse.

As the Tanzanian-born extravagant, daring and don’t give fuck talented Hunter put it on his YouTube channel…, “The revolution in which people of all genders can stand up and proudly declare their sexuality, without fear of persecution or discrimination.” Hunter even sent out a shout out to #vicenews for exposing the homophobia and assault of the LGBTQ community in his country.

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