By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

Powerhouse Gay adult entertainment company BelAmi, settled its lawsuit filed against the operator of and online gay porn networks.

The parent company of BelAmi, Baol LLC, filed its copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit in March alleging that the two online gay porn websites had poached 16 of the gay porn studio’s videos and streamed them to their viewers.

BelAmi Entertainment’s complaint focused on the gay porn sites’ owner, Ivan Foka, and his companies, as well as an additional 10 John Does.  The complaint filed demanded $150,000 per act of infringement, plus injunction relief and attorneys’ fees.

The multi-award winning company’s president, Stuart Davis, has stated that their company is continuing to put together a comprehensive intellectual property protection program for their content.

Being that BelAmi is one of the top gay adult film entertainment company’s in the business today, they are prime for targeting by gay piracy porn sites daily.

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