By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC — BelAmi all-star cast consisting of Adam Archuleta, Anthony Lorca, Bastian Dufy, Helmut Huxley, Hoyt Kogan, Jerome Exupery and Torsten Ullman are ready to hit the DVD marketplace in their 2016 Summer blockbuster web-series, “Last Summer In Greece” (2016).


last-summer-in-greece-dvd-belami-pulseThe story-line hook was a winner especially with BelAmi tapping legendary director Marty Stevens to return to Greece for a summer adventure like no other.”

“It’s been 12 years since BelAmi’s legendary classic Gay erotica documentary “Greek Holiday” and now they have returned to bring you “Last Summer In Greece”

Retailers this was a huge web series hit for the BelAmi Label and you are sure to generate huge numbers on the DVD version of the Must stock “Last Summer In Greece” (2016).

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