By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

Brent Corrigan who is known as one of the legends of the Gay adult film industry and, who has managed to be one of the few who have been able to crossover into mainstream film with his real name ‘Sean Paul Lockhart’, opened up in an opEd in the January issue of AVN Magazine.

Corrigan has had an eventful career since debuting in Gay porn as a teenager for the former Cobra Video label.  Review in his own words, his insights on his career and more.  This is what I truly call “Hot Gay News”!

“My name is Sean Paul Lockhart.  Most know me as “Brent Corrigan.” You likely have never heard of me. Infamous and not famous at all, I have been referred to by many in the mainstream vein of the adult industry as “the Traci Lords of gay porn.” This is only one element of a salacious true-life tale of porn, money, murder and desperation.  My past has played an integral role in my career as an adult star, producer and actor in LGBT mainstream films. In July 2016 I was made aware of a film being made about me, my shameful underage stint in porn, and the murder of Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis. Spearheading the project (as producer and star) was actor James Franco.

Random? Not really. James Franco’s borderline obsession with gay culture is no secret. James, rumored to be gay for years, is not like the typical Hollywood leading man. With several credits as an actor and producer on films with gay subject matter, Franco seems unconcerned about a pattern of behavior that might call his sexual orientation into question. Milk, I Am Michael and Interior. Leather Bar. are just three LGBT films Franco has made.

His latest gay film is ‘King Cobra‘.   It haphazardly depicts the story of a young man growing up too fast as he’s caught in the cross hairs of two feuding gay porn companies. In Franco’s film, the character based on Bryan Kocis (played by Christian Slater) is a loner. He owns, produces, films and edits all content for his studio, Cobra Video. The real Bryan specialized in the production of bareback gay porn featuring young men who looked way too young to be legal. Bryan had a habit of cultivating inappropriate relationships with boys. Some as young as 15 years old.

It’s a tedious and maddening task abridging the series of events that led to Bryan Kocis’ murder. It starts with my first shoot for Cobra on February 3, 2004. My experience working underage for Bryan is fairly well documented. Simply put, Bryan was aware of my age before filming and moved forward with production despite the formalities. In no way am I proud of my underage work and have worked hard to show that I respect and value this industry.

By the time I turned eighteen, Bryan had coerced me into a sexual relationship. I was a young man fighting to define who I was and who I wanted to become, with Bryan leering over me. Porn was never meant to become a lifelong career choice. As I came of age on set it was the production and equipment that fascinated me.

By 2005, details about my start in porn began to percolate. As if they could smell the proverbial rotting leftovers of scandal on the verge of coming out, vultures circulating overhead made their move. Bryan began to lash out at me. He was disgruntled that I had not kept our secret better.

One of those “scavengers” was an attorney named Chad Belville. He offered to represent me as I prepared to contend with Bryan Kocis and address the matter of my underage content proactively with the industry.  Belville went ahead to draft aggressive letters that would [Read Full OpEd]

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