By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Gorgeous up and coming gay adult film star Skyy Knox, has signed on the dotted line to become the latest Falcon Studios exclusive model. Now this is the type of gay news that every gay porn fan wants to know about!

Knox, born in Canada and now residing in Quebec, began his gay porn career a few months ago and already he is getting positive heat for his performances so far.

With the announcement of Knox becoming a Falcon Studios “Dream Team” exclusive, Knox will primarily appear in Falcon Studios gay porn feature films as well as perform for the Hot House label and Nakedsword Originals label on occasion.

Falcon Studios’ publicist called Knox “arresting, exotic, movie-star looks, along with a tan, chiseled and statuesque physique that will have fans’ mouths watering.”

Skyy Knox‘ inked his contract after he completed production on two scenes for the upcoming Hot House feature, “Blindfolded” (2017). The film is set to premier on the Hot House Network on April 27.

His stunning face and exquisite body had the entire crew and director Nick Foxx urging Falcon Studios Group and NakedSword Network president Tim Valenti to add him to the Falcon Studios Group roster of Exclusives and add him to the cast of Falcon’s blockbuster, ‘Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2,’ set to become available on May 5,” the publicist said.

Once I heard reports from the ‘Blindfolded’ set and I saw the spectacular images and video of Skyy Knox, I knew that he was going to be an incredible addition to the Falcon Studios Group list of exclusives,” added Valenti. “Skyy undeniably has what it takes to become one of the next gay porn superstars, and we’re overjoyed that he has chosen to become a Falcon Studios exclusive. I’m certain that all the Falcon fans will wholeheartedly agree that he is one of the sexiest men in gay porn.” said Valenti.

Skyy Knox further added that he was in shock after being crowned a Falcon exclusive. “Only three months into this industry and Falcon Studios Group makes me a part of their family.” said Knox. “I feel like I’m floating on cloud nine right now.” concluded Knox.

Follow Skyy Knox on Twitter daily and get ready for his sizzling performance on the Hot House label entitled, ‘Blindfolded’ (2017).

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