By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS, NV — Entertainment extraordinaire, Dan Fry, has kicked off 2017 with his first Gay short film entitled “The Last Attempt” (2017) starring “Jordan Cummins” and Dan Fry.  The actor, writer, producer and now director, brings a eye catching suspense filled drama loaded with sizzling erotica bites and a fantastic story line.

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“The Last Attempt” (2017) short film is sure to capture the hearts and minds of not only LGBTQ audiences but heterosexual interest as well.

“Dan and Jake, have been very good friends for nine years, but after an altercation between the two, they stopped seeing each other for two years — until now!

Dan invites Jake over to his house for some food, drinks, an explanation and to hopefully rekindle. For Dan, those two years apart were harder for him to stay away from his friend, a heterosexual, than Jake could ever have imagined.

A touching, turbulent and sensitive drama about unrequited love, and explores some of the issues which can occur between a gay man and his straight best friend — especially when the lines could have been blurred.”

Cast: Dan Fry | Jordan Cummins

Genres: Gay short | lgbt short films | love story | Drama

Directed by: Dan Fry

Production Co: Nearly There Films

Soundtrack by: Joseph Roy

Runtime: 18:30 Minutes

Watch “The Last Attempt” (2017)

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