By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

CASTLETON, IN — Conservatives against adult entertainment celebrated a victory for their residents in one their east side neighborhoods.

With a vote of 5-0, the the Indianapolis and Marion County City Council rejected an appeal by retail giant Hustler Hollywood, to build a new location next to a Chuck E. Cheese.


After residents voiced outrage about the the boutique possibly moving into the East 82nd Street neighborhood, the city immediately held an emergency session to reclassify the business as an adult entertainment service so that it could not go where they had planned to set up shop under current zoning laws in the county.

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Parent company LFP Inc., appealed that decision which was voted down once again by a vote of 5-0 at the Castleton City Board of Supervisors meeting last Tuesday Dec. 6.

We are sure to see what LFP Inc., decides to do next and we will keep you inform as new details emerge.



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