By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

BROOKLYN, NY — The Mormon Boyz Network has just unleashed what looks to be their finest production yet in “Ordination”.

Elder Holland and Elder Oaks waited waited together in a small room, undressed down to their sacred garments, seated closely next to each other. With nothing to do, the two boys gently rubbed their legs together, enjoying the opportunity to be even slightly intimate. They wished they could just return to their room and fuck each other senseless, but the Brethren had called on them again.

Their last meetings had changed a lot for the inductees. Elder Holland, for instance, proved himself to his companion’s protective father. He showed that he could exhibit the level of maturity and obedience that the brotherhood admired, not to mention taking a solid pounding from President Oaks himself.

Elder Oaks, too, had proven himself to his silver-fox dad, by being able to take the thick, hard cock of President Nelson, with his father watching over. As much as he enjoyed being fucked by the muscular leader, he ultimately wanted to please his father and earn his affection–something he now knows is not going away.

The two missionaries held off touching each other as much as they could. And just before they were about to reach for each other’s swelling bulges, they heard the door nearest to them open. Turning their attentions toward the sound, they could see standing in the doorway both President Oaks and President Nelson, standing tall in their white undergarments as well.

The handsome, older men beckoned their young guests into the room with them, leading them in toward a simple white daybed. Before the boys felt too comfortable, the powerful men took a seat on the white sofa and ordered the boys to their knees. These men wanted to be served, and the young men before them were all too happy to do so.

“Come climb up here, boys,” President Oaks smiled, stroking his big, daddy dick.”

If that isn’t enough to make you bust, watch this exposively stimulating scene exclusively on the Mormon Boyz Network.


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