By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – The iconic multi-award winning producer and director William Higgins has out done even himself with his Fall Season release of muscle hunks “Boda Gold vs Peter Lipnik” in young muscle jock bareback gay porn action.

“Boda Gold is up for a screen-test with Alan Carly. They are laying on the bed enjoying some porn on Boda’s phone and discussing how hard it has made them. Discarding the phone they begin to kiss. As they kiss their hands roam over each other. They move onto their knees, losing tee shirts in the process and continue kissing. Boda kisses his way down Alan’s sexy chest and then opens his jeans. As Alan pushes his jeans down Boda grabs at the underwear releasing a big, stiff, cock.”

He takes the cock in his mouth and begins sucking on it. Alan’s hand pulls Boda’s head onto his cock as Boda sucks. He licks and sucks the rock hard cock as Alan gently thrusts it into his mouth. Then Boda lays down as Alan gets to work on his cock. He pulls off the underwear and closes his lips around Boda’s stiff cock. He sucks it deep into his mouth and feels Boda pushing his head down on the dick. Then they kiss again before Alan goes back to sucking on the cock.”


Fans of William Higgins will  undoubtedly begin to sweat just reading a teaser of this orgasmic Gay erotica scene from the master “Behind the Camera”, William Higgins.

Watch Boda Gold v Peter Lipnick exclusively on William Higgins network,




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