PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC — (01-04-21) — European twinks Max Fillipi and Roman Renda star in William Higgins’ “Roman & Max – Screen Test RAW – FULL CONTACT” (2021).  The bareback screen test is sure to generate huge numbers for the William Higgins Network with stunning European twinks 20 year-old Max Fillipi and 19 year-old Roman Renda.

William Higgins Presents Roman & Max Screentest RAW-Full Contact-2021-01-04-JRL-CHARTS-002

William Higgins Presents Roman & Max Screentest RAW-Full Contact-2021-01-04-JRL-CHARTS-004

William Higgins Presents Roman & Max Screentest RAW-Full Contact-2021-01-04-JRL-CHARTS-006

“Roman Renda’s Screentest pairs him up with Max Fillipi. Roman, as we will see, does so well in this that he quickly filmed a Wank Party too that is already online. We join him as he sits on the bed to answer some questions. He is then given a surprise as Max arrives and joins him on the bed.

They start to kiss each other and let hands run over their bodies. As the kissing continues they get bare-chested too and Max kisses on Roman’s sexy chest. He works his way down to Roman’s tenting pants, groping him. The pants are pushed down to release Roman’s rock hard cock. Max takes hold of it and starts to suck it rather eagerly.

His head bobs up and down on the stiff cock as Roman moans with pleasure. His dick stays rock hard as Max deep throats it, taking it right down to the balls. He sucks and licks the fat shaft as he also cups Roman’s balls. Roman’s hips thrust too as his cock is sucked so well.”

“Roman & Max – Screen Test RAW – FULL CONTACT”, made its debut on January 2nd, 2021.

Watch “Roman & Max – Screen Test RAW – FULL CONTACT

Roman & Max - Screen Test RAW - FULL CONTACT-gay-porn-movie-trailer

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