PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC — (12-06-20) — The William Higgins Network proudly present 20 year-old Max Fillipi and 20 year-old Stefan Vrbic RAW in the gay porn production of ‘CZECH UP’ (2020).

18-25 year-old genre lovers will be delighted with these two raw blonde Czech twinks eager to show off their skills for the William Higgins Gay Porn Network audience!

“Stefan Vrbic has a pain in his stomach and he visits Dr Max Fillipi to seek his advice. Max says he will check things out and tells Stefan to remove his tee shirt.

Then he uses his stethoscope to listen to Stefan’s chest, turning him around to check his back too. Next Max does a check of Stefan’s blood pressure. Then Max feels Stefan’s stomach, telling him to remove his shorts too, to give better access as he checks things.

William Higgins gay-porn-Max & Stefan RAW in CZECH UP-2020-12-06-JRL-CHARTS

Max drops down and feels over, and in Stefan’s underwear to see if there is anything wrong. His fingers press into Stefan’s groin area. Without warning he pulls down Stefan’s underwear and begins to suck on his cock. Stefan doesn’t complain at this surprising turn of event. In fact his cock responds to the hot mouth by getting very hard.

Stefan’s hand finds the back of Max’s head, pulling him onto the stiff cock. Max sucks the cock and licks on Stefan’s balls too. He takes the whole cock in his mouth and then Stefan holds the back of Max’s head and fucks the rock hard dick into his mouth.

William Higgins Unleash Max & Stefan RAW in CZECH UP-2020-12-06-JRL-CHARTS-03

William Higgins Unleash Max & Stefan RAW in CZECH UP-2020-12-06-JRL-CHARTS-07

He moans as Max shows off his expert sucking skills. Stefan pulls the head hard onto his dick as he enjoys the hot mouth sucking him. Then Max stands up and kisses Stefan. He opens his pantss and takes them down as he sits on the table. His stiff cock is released and Stefan bends forward to suck on it.”

‘CZECH UP’ (2020) starring Max Fillipi and Stefan Vrbic premiered on the William Higgins Network on December 2nd, 2020.

Watch – CZECH UP’ Gay Porn Scene

Max & Stefan RAW - CZECH UP Gay Porn Movie Trailer

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