By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO, CA — According to intelligence officials at the Gay erotica Active Duty label, soldiers Rick Tolls and Craig Cameron have invaded their network with explosive hardcore action.

General in charge, Dink Flamingo, describes the penetration in a leaked classified memo;

“I love seeing a recruit asserting himself like a strong soldier should, but also having a good time too. That’s what we have here with Craig Cameron and Rick Tolls. Craig is an alpha type and he’s not afraid to guide his partner to please him in just the right way. So Rick blows Craig on the bed for a while, before Craig decides to go to his feet so he can get some nice thrusting action going.

military-gay-porn-rick-tolls-and-craig-cameronHe grabs the back to Rick’s head and works up a nice in-and-out, letting Rick know he has to do some work if he wants to please this guy!

After the hot sucking, the guys move back to the bed where Craig slides his hardened cock into Rick’s inexperienced ass. Claude sneaks underneath to show us just how beautiful Craig’s stiffy looks going into Rick’s sweet hole.

Craig sure fucks with all the big muscles in his body. I love seeing his legs work to pound that hard erection into Rick.

I think this should serve as a great second time for Rick. After this, he should be able to hold his own with any other power top on the squad. After Craig erupts a hot load onto Rick’s back, he suggests banging Rick with a dildo until he blasts too. Of course Rick likes the idea, so Craig works a medium-sized purple toy into that hole he just fucked and gets Rick’s juices REALLY flowing! I think I enjoyed this part the most.”

Military gay porn genre lovers can watch Rick Tolls & Craig Cameron exclusively at the Active Duty Online Network. Now retailers fear not because we are sure to see Dink Flamingo and his special forces teams select this scene in one of their upcoming 2017 DVD releases through Pulse Distribution.



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