NEW YORK — (01-23-19) — Gay adult film superstar Carter Dane submits to hot newcomer top man Cade Maddox Raw. Once again multi award-winning director Jake Jaxon drops a passionate new vignette that is now in digital release exclusively on the CockyBoys gay porn network.

On the heels of his multi-award winning evening with All Saints, at the fabulous 2019 GayVN Awards last Monday Jan. 21, Jake Jaxson waste no time in delivering CockyBoys fans another mouthwatering gay erotica production worthy of another row of trophies to add to his massive collection.

“Carter acts out the raw, intense sexual fantasy of total submission he imagined when he first saw Cade. It all happens in the dreamy dead of night,” reads the promotional text. “Cade lies back as Carter sucks his full, thick cock and he makes sure that Carter swallows every thrusting inch. Cade’s dirty dom talk incites Carter into a 69, sucking cock as his bubble butt is relentlessly tongue-teased. With one slap of his ass, Carter swivels around again to make out and tease his own hole on Cade’s cock.”

Carter gets up to give Cade a full preview of his ass before sliding his hole on his super-thick raw cock. Soon Carter’s ass grips and swallows Cade’s pumping rod and they’re in total sync, mouth to mouth, cock to ass. However, Cade wants to go back to Carter’s butt and he has him bend over for full-on ass-eating. After he’s had enough he slides in his veiny cock to pound Carter into total ownership.

Cade uses Carter’s hole just as the hungry bottom pleads and manipulates his limber body in a variety of ways and various positions. Finally Cade gets Carter on his back to fuck him sideways and he keeps going until he shoots inside him…as Carter wants. With his warm cum inside him Cade slides his cock back in and with just a few thrusts he makes Carter shoot his load over himself. Cade licks up some and gives a quivering Carter another deep kiss, bringing a close to an unforgettable experience.”

Cade Maddox and Carter Dane Submit Raw gay porn movie trailer - CockyBoys

Cast: Carter Dane | Cade Maddox

genres: Big Dicks | Blowjobs | Deep Throat | Muscles | Power Bottoms

CockyBoys: Official Website

Follow CockyBoys: Twitter

Directed by: Jake Jaxson

Production co: CockyBoys Entertainment

Distributed by: Media Partners LLC

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: January 23, 2019

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer


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