By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

LOS ANGELES, CA — The “American Scientific Measurement Corporation” debuted the Original Dick Ruler, a specially designed measuring apparatus to help men stretch the truth.

Available in time for the holidays, the “Original Dick Ruler” is a 9-inch wood ruler printed to 12-inch specifications, allowing men to awesomely exaggerate their genital stature to potential conquests.

original-dick-ruler-carrot-grande-453x340The Dick Ruler makes 6 inches look like 8 inches, which means can “increase” their size by 30 percent without the use of pills or potions.  The Original Dick Ruler is the perfect conversation starter about dick size, and initial customer reviews are both promising and hilarious!

“Definitely a quality product, but my dick still looks small”

The novelty gift looks deceptively like a standard 12-inch ruler and is ideal for use as a measuring tool that delivers an incorrect outcome in the man’s favor.

R & D personnel at the American Scientific Measurement Corporation said…“We know that sometimes you want a ruler you can hold next to something 6 inches long… and make that thing look like it is 8 inches long.”

Adult consumers can now purchase the Original Dick Ruler as a holiday stocking stuffer at the official website OriginalDickRuler.

Retailers and distributors can get more information on the opportunities to not only stock but place a section in your boutiques with a wide variety of options for display. Contact the American Scientific Measurement Corporation via email at for immediate information. Follow the Original Dick Ruler Daily on Twitter @Hellodickruler.

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