By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

MELBOURNE — An employee of an adult store was sprayed with petrol during a robbery in Melbourne’s eastside. What makes matters worse is that just a few days ago, another one of Melbourne’s adult novelty stores was robbed by a male robber.

According to police, two men entered the Club X Adult Entertainment Store located at 25 Scoresby Rd in Bayswater close to midnight and demanded cash from the clerk on duty, police told JRL CHARTS.

Then in a horrifying moment, the two suspects sprayed the 45-year-old woman working at the store with fuel and then ran out of the store with an unknown amount of cash.

Luckily, the woman was only shaken but not injured by the thieves. Police told JRL that they don’t believe the suspects fled the scene in a car but instead ran away from the scene.

The other horrific robbery came on Sunday morning at another adult entertainment store also based in Moorabbin southeast area was robbed by a masked man just after 6 a.m.

Luckily this criminal was captured on video thanks to the Melbourne store’s CCTV camera, struggling to cut through the barrier, before returning to his van and taking out a fire extinguisher.

You can see the alleged suspect hurling an extinguisher at the door of the adult store and then taking bolt cutters to the fence before finally bursting through the wire and fleeing the adult entertainment store.

Now here is the one odd item of this story, several moments later, the suspect allegedly returns to his vehicle with the very popular and expensive sex doll known as ‘Dorothy’, a 168 centimeter life-size pleasure doll that has a MSRP listing price of $4,500.

Police are asking for anyone with information on this case to contact the Victoria Police-Moorabin police department at +61 3 9556 6565.

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