LOS ANGELES, CA — (06-10-24) — Spanish gay adult film star Apolo Adrii has signed an exclusive contract with Carnal Media. Adrii made his debut on the BoyForSale gay porn label in late 2023, and is the coveted winner of the ‘Best Live Sex Performer’ at the 2024 European Grabbys Awards.

“Three years ago I started my porn journey and it’s been exciting ever since,” said Apolo Adrii. “I’m constantly honing my craft, growing as a performer, connecting with my co-stars and nothing beats doing live sex shows. With Carnal I plan to expand my experience, and skill set and reach new heights,” said Adrii.

The European superstar hails from Bilbao, Spain but spends much of his time in Barcelona.

“I love the quality of life here in Spain, the weather and especially the food culture,” added Adrii. “Being a recognizable porn actor is incredibly interesting and comes with unique experiences like fans stopping me on the street or being asked for selfies while out at the clubs,”said Adrii.

“Bringing Apolo into our exclusive roster is a momentous occasion for Carnal Media, further expanding our European footprint,” said Carnal Media CEO Legrand Wolf. “Apolo is not just an outstanding performer; he exudes a storm of talent, charm and passion. His authenticity and commitment are evident in every act, making him one of the most alluring and mesmerizing men in the industry.” said Wolf.

“We are beyond excited to welcome Apolo to the Carnal family,” added Carnal CMO Alan Breslaw. “Apolo Adrii represents the embodiment of our mission—to create unforgettable, high-quality content that features the hottest men in the biz.” said Breslaw.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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