LAS VEGAS, NV — (03-08-24) — Boy For Sale Network proudly unleash Milo Miles and Cain Marko starring in ‘The Boy Milo Chapter 6: The Prize (2024) on digital. The Slave Boy Fantasy Gay Porn series returns with this ‘MUST WATCH’ from executive producer LeGrand Wolf and Boy For Sale Gay Porn Network parent company, Carnal Media.



“Boy Milo signed away his freedom to become a slave less than a year ago. It wouldn’t be accurate to say that he did it on a whim, but he wasn’t as desperate as many of the boys who made that choice. He was kind of aimless, though: He had graduated high school with average grades and not much enthusiasm for academic pursuits. He had no money for college and no real idea of what he would study if he took out a loan.

He was working as a barback in a local gay bar when he was approached by a recruiter. He liked his job, but he knew it was not exactly a long-term plan. Listening to the recruiter describe the life that he could have filled him with a certain excitement.

Unlike most guys his age, he didn’t mind the attention of older men and his few experiences with rougher sex play had been very pleasurable. He had actually considered seeking out more. Foremost in his mind, though, was just the prospect of adventure, something that was distinctly lacking in his life. This was a chance at a far better quality of life than he could provide himself and a far more interesting future than he could otherwise hope for.”

That is just a taste of what you can expect when you review Milo Miles and Cain Marko starring in ‘The Boy Milo Chapter 6: The Prize on the Boy For Sale Gay Porn Network.

Watch – The Boy Milo Chapter 6 (Official Trailer)

The Boy Milo Chapter 6-Official Trailer-Boy-For-Sale-gay-porn

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