THESSALONIKI, GR — (05-20-24) — MODUS VIVENDI, the International fashion designer of Mens Wear finally reveal their ‘Origami Line – Resortwear 2024 Collection’ Commercial, the stunning new Mens Wear line that arrives in time for PRIDE Season 2024. MODUS VIVENDI stunning Origami Line in the Resortwear Collection for 2024 and the “Floral Oasis” Campaign, embraces elegance and artistry!

Origami Line-Mens-Fashion Line-by-MODUS VIVENDI-Screenclips

Origami Line-Mens-Fashion Line-by-MODUS VIVENDI-Screenclips

“Drawing inspiration from the meticulous and delicate art of origami, MODUS VIVENDI’s design team has created a collection that embodies both the intricate beauty and precision of this ancient craft. The campaign features a man elegantly dressed in MODUS VIVENDI Origami apparel, standing in the vast, tranquil expanse of a desert.

The stark, minimalist background enhances the vibrant and intricate blue floral designs of the clothing, highlighting the contrast between nature’s raw beauty and the sophisticated artistry of the collection. Each photograph encapsulates the essence of the Origami Line – a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics and contemporary fashion.

The MODUS VIVENDI design team has meticulously fashioned an almost three-dimensional floral pattern, with each piece adorned with origami blossoms, printed on luxurious, smooth viscose poplin fabric.

Embracing a romantic allure with cohesive baby blue hues and contemporary cuts, these pieces captivate the eye and craft a flirty style perfect for both holiday and urban outfits.”

Watch – Origami Line – Resortwear 2024 Collection

Official Website

Filming Location:
Thessaloniki, Greece

Release date:
May 3, 2024

Fashion Boutiques, distributors and Online Apparel superstores can get immediate ordering information by visiting Modus Vivendi’s Official B2B Platform.

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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