THESSALONIKI, GR — (06-30-24) — Modus Vivendi Men’s Apparel proudly unleash its ‘Lux Origami Swimwear Line commercial for distributors, retailers and adult consumers review!  Branded the “Soaking Wet” Campaign, the Lux Origami Swimwear collection was inspired by the art of Japanese origami with a contemporary twist.

According to Modus Vivendi’ marketing division…”This innovative line brings the traditional Japanese art of paper folding to life through exquisite swimwear designs, perfectly captured in our latest campaign.

The new campaign showcases three men enjoying a sunny day by the pool, embodying the playful and refreshing spirit of summer. The trio, dressed in the Lux Origami swimwear, are seen cooling off with a garden hose, splashing around, and making the most of their backyard oasis. This vibrant setting reflects the campaign’s essence—joy, spontaneity, and the simple pleasures of life.

Lux Origami Swimwear Line Commercial

The Lux Origami Swimwear Line draws its inspiration from the intricate and delicate art of Japanese origami. MODUS VIVENDI’s design team has meticulously crafted an almost three-dimensional floral motif, featuring origami blossoms that seem to spring to life on sustainable swimsuit fabrics. This line not only highlights the beauty of tradition but also embraces modern, eco-friendly practices.

The collection stands out with its three-dimensional floral designs, which offer a distinct and romantic allure with its unique floral motif. The harmonious color palette and precise cuts elevate the swimsuits to new heights.

Official Website

Fashion Models:
Miguel Angel
Julien Paje
Javier Serna Montana

Director of Photography:
Joan Crisol

Videography by:
Ático Norte Producciones

Creative Director:
Billy Hazel

Filming Location:
Madrid, Spain

Release date:
June 30, 2024

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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