MONTREAL — (10-13-23) — ASGMAX unleash its first ever gay animated adult series, Sodomy Squad, a Jeremy Babcock production. ASGMAX spare no expense in bringing this ‘MUST WATCH’ series to its massive audience.

“It was an honor to create this series with the remarkable voice talent and behind-the-scenes crew at ASGmax’’ said Aaron Nathaniel of Animeshin Club, the studio behind the animation. ‘’This series is the first entrée in an ongoing smorgasbord for our gay animated series.” said Nathaniel.

“I’ve always been a fan of superheroes and a big fan of all the content we create at ASGmax,” said executive director Jessica Jasmin. ‘’And Sodomy Squad is the perfect mix of both. Except with animation, there were no limits. It was a lot of fun fully developing those crazy ideas with Animeshin Club.’’ said Jasmin.

Director/producer Jeremy Babcock agreed saying…”Developing an animated gay porn series was a wild ride. It’s been so much fun exploring various special powers and finding ways to incorporate them into the superhero sex. Truly one of the most creative projects I have ever gotten to work on, and the talented voice actors really bring it all to life!” said Babcock.

According to ASGMAX publicity team, more episodes featuring Dale Savage as character Gazer, the band’s leader, Dakota Payne as civilian Peter Pecker, and Jayden Marcos as the handsome Flame.

Watch Sodomy Squad Official Trailer (2023)

Official Website

Directed by:
Jeremy Babcock

Executive Director:
Jessica Jasmin

Produced by:
Jeremy Babcock

Production Companies:
Animeshin Club

Distributed by:

Country of Origin:
United States


Release date:
October 13, 2023

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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