MONTREAL, QC — (05-12-22) — Next Door Exclusives Dakota Payne and Andrew Miller star in the premier episode of ‘Love Is Payne: The Closet Case (2022). From executive producer Jeremy Babcock and director Walden Woods comes a masterpiece series that as of this report, has generated over 4,200 views since its premier on May 7, 2022.

Inspired by the classic series “Sex and the City,” “Love is Payne” follows Next Door Exclusive Dakota Payne as he navigates love and life as a porn star living in Los Angeles.

Love is Payne-The Closet Case-screenclips-Dakota Payne-Andrew Miller-next-door-studios

Love is Payne-The Closet Case-screenclips-Dakota Payne-Andrew Miller

Executive Producer Jeremy Babcock is super excited about the project. “‘Love is Payne’ lets us take a fictional peek behind the curtain to see the dating trials and tribulations of a porn star in LA. We’ve wanted to create a model-centered series for a while, and who better to build this around than the amazing Mr. Payne?! We hope everyone enjoys this series as much as we enjoyed making it.”

The pilot episode, “The Closet Case,” stars Payne alongside fellow Next Door Exclusive model Andrew Miller. Dakota and Andrew meet in a waiting room and Dakota finds that Andrew recognizes him from his prolific career in the industry. But Andrew still claims that he’s straight! Dakota charms his way into Andrew’s heart, and Andrew asks him out on a date. However, the question remains: can a chance encounter with a closeted fan lead to love?

“It’s so much fun being so involved on a project,” says Payne. “‘Love is Payne’ is a creative way of telling real stories that gay men (and sex workers) experience. The highs and lows of romantic encounters, the passionate exchanges we have that are sometimes met with brutal rejection; it’s all there! Love ain’t easy.”

Director Walden Woods praised the project’s development.

“The new ‘Love is Payne’ series is definitely one of the best projects I have worked on in awhile. Writer Dalton King worked together with Dakota Payne to really hit on the heartstrings of all our viewers. Dakota always brings his A-game and Andrew Miller is proving himself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The cast and crew had a great time filming this and the connection between the two models was undeniable. I am super excited for everyone to sit back and enjoy this series we created, I really think you’ll love it.”

Love Is Payne: The Closet Case (2022) starring Next Door Exclusives Dakota Payne and Andrew Miller premiered on May 7, 2022.

Watch Love Is Payne: The Closet Case NSFW Trailer (2022)

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