LAS VEGAS — (07-13-22) — The wait is over as dance pop artist Nieri releases his long awaited debut EP, Starshine (2022). Written and recorded between Los Angeles and Stockholm, the Starshine EP features five glossy, electronic pop tracks that offer a glimpse into Nieri’s life, struggles and aspirations.

The EP’s first sick single, “Beautiful Music” is a club anthem that celebrates the pleasure of dancing the night away. The synth-forward “Face” sees Nieri confronted with the idea of bodily perfection, and the ethereal “In Our Eyes” explores the emotional challenge of “making it”.

While the title track “Starshine” is a personal song dedicated to his younger self, the highlight of the EP is “Body 2 Body”, a slinky track co-written with Swedish artist Ingrid Witt.

Mixing elements of deep house with 90’s dance, the futuristic production makes this song a sweaty, dance party in outer space. With its euro influences and a flirty, catchy chorus, “Body 2 Body” will be stuck in your head long after you’ve left the club.

Nieri explains: “Body 2 Body” talks about the need to connect with people as a primal instinct – not necessarily sexually, but physical sensation as a form of closeness and community. In a world where almost everything is virtual, the dance floor is one of few places where we can let our inhibitions go. Music and dance have always been part of the human race, and this song celebrates the amazing connections that happen when we let our natural instincts guide us through rhythm and melody.”

Nieri (pronounced nee-eh-ree) is a singer, songwriter, and dance pop artist out of Milan. He dreamed of making music ever since first listening to Pop icons like Madonna, George Michael, and Britney Spears.

He started with performing at local venues but it was when Nieri discovered nightlife, that his affinity with dance music began. This led to work as a vocalist for DJs. His various DJ collaborations and additional recording work allowed Nieri to sharpen his songwriting, and motivated him to make his artistic vision a reality.

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Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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