WEST HOLLYWOOD — (05-03-22) — Perfect Fit Brand’ top selling ‘Thrust Buffers Sex Cushion’ is just what the sex doctor ordered for PRIDE Season 2022!  Founder and President of Perfect Fit Brand, Steve Callow, launch a new promotional campaign on the ‘Thrust Buffers Sex Cushion” in time for PRIDE.

The Bumper is a system of two parts: The Bumper Thrust Buffer and the Donut Buffer. Either one can be used independently or together to create a thick and protective cushion for when the thrusts get deep!

Watch The Bumper by Perfect Fit Brand  Demo

Made of ultra-soft SilaSkin material, the Bumper is also irresistibly soft and comfortable.

  • It acts as a cushion between two partners to absorb some of the bumping and provide the sensation of maximum depth for the penis.
  • The bumper is also designed to be adjustable so users can add more cushions-the Donut Buffers- to suit their depth requirement.
  • When used, as intended, as an additional cushion for the Bumper, the Donut Buffer can be stacked and create a greater reduction in the penetrative length of the penis or strap-on dildo!

Retailers, with PRIDE Season round the corner, you don’t want to be caught out of stock on the Thrust Buffers Sex Cushion! Contact Perfect Fit Brand headquarters at 1+855-693-9300 | 1+954-835-5632 | EMAIL  |  Official Website  |  Facebook  |  Linkedin  |  Tumblr  |  Twitter  |  YouTube.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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