LAS VEGAS — (11-25-21) — Paramount Pictures drops Derek Luke, Erika Alexander and Sam Trammell in AMERICAN REFUGEE Official Trailer (2021), the dark thriller coming in December from director Ali LeRoi and executive producer Jason Blum.

“In the midst of societal collapse, Greg and Helen Taylor (Derek Luke, Erika Alexander) are faced with protecting their family from the anarchy of the outside world. As a last resort, the family takes shelter in a neighbor’s bunker where their fate lies in the hands of the family patriarch (Sam Trammell), a survivalist, whose mercy lasts only as long as they prove themselves useful. Supplies are scarce, and when tensions rise, no one knows who can really be trusted.”

AMERICAN REFUGEE (2021) also stars Peyton Jackson, Zamani Wilder, Jessi Case and Vince Mattis.

Blumhouse Television and Paramount Movies will release AMERICAN REFUGEE on Blu-ray and on EPIX December 10, 2021.

Watch AMERICAN REFUGEE Official Trailer (2021)

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Directed by:
Ali LeRoi

Written by:
Allison Buckmelter
Nicolas Buckmelter

Cinematography by:
Federico Verardi

Music by:
Dara Taylor

Film Editing by:
Tim Mirkovich

Casting by:
John McAlary

Produced by:
Paige Pemberton
Paul Uddo

Executive Producers:
Jason Blum
Lisa Bruce
Andrew W. Chan
Jeremy Gold
Michael M. McGuire
Ben Stranahan

Production Companies:
Blumhouse Television

Distributed by:
Paramount Pictures

Country of Origin:
United States

Release date:
December 10, 2021

Copyright © 2021 Paramount Pictures

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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