LAS VEGAS — (08-05-22) — One Way is the upcoming 2022 American crime thriller starring Colson Baker and Kevin Bacon in a story about a petty crook on a Greyhound bus who has stolen from a drug lord and has a gunshot wound. Directed by Andrew Baird from a screenplay written by Ben Conway, One Way (2022) also stars Drea de Matteo, Travis Fimmel, Storm Reid and Rhys Coiro.

One Way-Film-Colson Baker-Kevin Bacon-saban films-2022-jrl-charts

One Way-Film-Colson Baker-Kevin Bacon-saban films-2022-jrl-charts

“Downtown Los Angeles, Present Day. Freddy (Colson Baker), a petty criminal, is on the run with a bag full of cash and coke. He’s way over his head and hurt bad. With a bullet in his guts, he’s running out of time. Fast. If he doesn’t get a blood transfusion in the next couple of hours he’s dead meat. He’ll be dead even quicker if Vic (Drea de Matteo), the female Mexican drug baron he’s stolen from catches him first.

Freddy hops on a Greyhound bus in skid row with a one-way ticket to the deep California desert. His friends, Mac and JJ are not so lucky. Freddy tries every trick in the book and every meaningful relationship he has to get him out of this ever-building boiler room. The bus becomes his purgatory. On board, one of the passengers doesn’t appear to be what they seem while another, a teenage girl, moves herself into a dangerous and dark situation.

As Freddy’s time is running out he is faced with himself, his demons and what to do for his daughter and her mom, the love of his life. As well as saving the young girl on board and his own soul. There is only… one way.”

One Way (2022) will be released in theaters, on digital and on demand by Saban Films and Paramount Pictures on September 2, 2022.

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Andrew Baird

Screenplay by:
Ben Conway

Cinematography by:
Tobia Sempi

Film Editing by:
John Walters

Music by:

Casting by:
Tracy Kilpatrick

Production Design by:
Tom Lisowski

Produced by:
Martin Brennan (p.g.a)
Jib Polhemus (p.g.a)
Ryan Winterstern
Ryan Donnell Smith
Tim Palmer
Nathan Klingher

Executive Producers:
Andrew Baird
Peter Bevan
Allen Cheney
Luis Da Silva Jr.
Stephen Fingleton
Arianne Fraser
Bill Grantham
Paul W. Hazen
Rob Moran
Delphine Perrier
Chandler Rierson
Emily Hunter

Film Budget:
$14,000,000 (estimated)

Production Companies:
Baird Films
Bay Point Media
Highland Film Group (HFG)
Ignition Film Productions
Short Porch Pictures
Thomasville Pictures

Distributed by:
Saban Films (2022) (USA) (Cinemas)

Country of Origin:
United States


Release date:
September 2, 2022

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Article by: Michael The Sizzler, Staff Writer

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