TEL AVIV – (11-01-21) – Shock and awe has swept across Israel as TV personality, journalist and producer Gal Uchovsky, has resigned as Israel Gay Youth (IGY) President after it is alleged that he has sexually forced himself upon other men.

The announcement of Uchovsky’s resignation came on Monday after a KAN News report claimed that he violently forced himself upon other men.

According to testimony, Uchovsky acted violently and forced himself on men from the gay community. This is according to men who spoke to News Here and the “Turn” page on Instagram.

Victim A., who was found to be telling the truth in a polygraph…”More than five times he tried to force me over. I said to him ‘Enough, let’s stop this.

Victim B. said…”I tried to fend him off. He forced himself on me despite my opposition.”

Following the investigation, Gal Uchovsky apologized and announced the cessation of his activity as president of IGY.

Gal Uchovsky’s spokesperson released the following statement:

“As someone who has dedicated his life to the LGBT community, Gal has decided that he must cease his activities as President of IGY. IGY is his life’s work and he does not want anything to tarnish this great organization.” the statement read.

The IGY organization is an Israeli NGO that has provided a social framework for gay youth.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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