LONDON – (10-31-21) – A total of 29 LGBTQ Afghans managed to be evacuated to London following a Taliban official saying that there is no space for Gay rights in Afghanistan.

After the successful evacuation of the first group of LGBTQ afghans by the Rainbow Railroad, a Canadian LGBTQ charity, and British rights group Stonewall, JRL CHARTS learned that both organizations have been bombarded with calls from hundreds of LGBTQ Afghans still stuck in the country who fear Taliban persecution.

According to Rainbow Railroad and the British rights group Stonewall, they have fielded more than 700 requests for help. They have identified at least 200 LGBTQ Afghans who need immediate rescue from Afghanistan.

The 29 people, including students and activists who spoke out about their rights in Afghanistan, were the first of 100s of vulnerable LGBTQ Afghans who are scheduled to arrive “in the coming months,” said the spokesperson for Foreign Affairs in London on Saturday.

The LGBTQ refugees arrived in London on Friday, just as a Taliban ministry official, appealing for the release of billions of dollars of central bank reserves, made it clear that the militants do not recognize gay rights.

The Taliban said they would respect human rights and allow women to get an education within their version of Islamic law.  However when it came to the question of LGBTQ rights in Afghanistan, the Taliban said…“LGBT … That’s against our sharia law.”

Afghanistan’s new leaders, who took over the country back in August, are asking foreign governments to “just give us our own money,”. He said the country is grappling with a battered economy and rising hunger simply because the West is holding the country’s money.

While some aid has trickled in from Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, the United Nations warns that Afghanistan is on the verge of a starvation crisis. Experts say untangling terrorism sanctions on the Afghan militants limits aid to the country.

What this reporter wants to know is – Where are the Billions of dollars that the Taliban was allegedly bringing in during their insurgent. According to every western media outlet on this planet, the Taliban were bringing in over $500 Million to $800 Million dollars a year. So where is the that money?

The United States and European nations continue to keep the country’s assets frozen until the Taliban acts on their promises that they have changed its harsh ways.

You can send a shout out to the Rainbow Railroad on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

You can also send a message over to the British rights group Stonewall on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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