LAS VEGAS — (10-07-21) — Sean Cody Entertainment in association with Pulse Distribution are about to unleash upon brick and mortar stores nationwide, Cabin Fuck Fest (2021) on DVD, Digital and On Demand.  The big budget bareback gay erotica production features gay erotica fan favorites favorites Sean, Josh, Justin, Cody Seiya and Devy.

Sean-Cody-Cabin Fuck Fest DVD-Screen-Clips-Pulse-JRL-CHARTS

Sean-Cody-Cabin Fuck Fest DVD-Screen-Clips-Pulse-JRL-CHARTS

“As the day begins at the cabin, Josh, Justin, and Sean are cuddled up in bed together, making out so intently they don’t even notice Devy sneaking into the cabin and up the stairs to peep on them!

As Devy gets up from his nap and goes out on the balcony to enjoy the scenery while doing some epic air guitar, the other guys downstairs share a snack and swap sex stories. Justin asks, “Have you guys ever fucked outdoors?” and Josh recounts getting it on with 10 people… then getting caught by a hiker! In answer to the question of have they ever fucked in the snow, Cody jokes, “Does snowballing count?”

Cabin Fuck Fest DVD-Back-Cover-Sean-Cody-Pulse-2021

Cabin Fuck Fest DVD-Back-Cover-Sean-Cody-Pulse

After their three-way hookup with Sean in the kitchen, Devy follows Justin upstairs, intrigued. Justin confesses, “I kinda have a crush on you,” admiring the muscular top’s physique as the guys first caress each other with their eyes, then their hands. They start kissing and go down on each other, then Devy slides his big, hard cock inside Justin’s hole.

The weather is getting chilly so Sean, Josh, Justin, Cody, and Devy head outside to chop some wood for a fire. The guys take turns to see who’s best at handling the axe and splitting some logs as they chat about their favorite kinds of cocks! This orgy heats the cabin right up until everyone takes turns fucking power bottom Cody and cumming all over his muscular body!”

Pulse Distribution has confirmed to the JRL CHARTS Gay Erotica News Division that the ‘Cabin Fuck Fest DVD’ is scheduled to begin shipping on October 19, 2021.  Expect for this feature to arrive on Digital and On Demand by October 29, 2021.

Watch Cabin Fuck Fest Teaser Trailer (NSFW)

Sean-Cody-Cabin Fuck Fest DVD-Teaser Trailer-2021

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October 19, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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