WARSAW — (06-21-21) — Warsaw made history on June 19 when the largest gay pride parade took place in central Europe for the first time in two years after being put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic and backlash in Poland and Hungary against LGBT rights.

Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski proudly walked at the head of the Equality Parade on last Saturday. A clear sign of support for LGBT rights by the progressive politician.

Attendees wavig flags along with the thousands of people marching in the Equality Parade was a amazing. You even had residents waving rainbow flags from their apartment balconies durin the celebration.

The joyful and colorful celebration was out in force over fear of what the future holds for LGBT civil rights setbacks were initiated in Russia and now in Hungary.

“The day of the parade is always a bitter-sweet moment for our community,” said Rafal Wojtczak, a spokesman for the organizers who put on the Equality Parade.

The parade comes days after Hungary’s parliament passed a law that makes it illegal to show any materials about LGBT issues to people under 18.

Hungary’s conservative ruling party portrayed the law as an effort to fight pedophilia. What a pathetic excuse to make! Talk about being stuck in the dark ages of conservative talking points against Gay men.

Even the Human Rights Campaign says the move by conservatives is a cynical tool that will stigmatize and discriminate against the LGBT community and prevent LGBT youth from accessing critical information.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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