LAS VEGAS, NV — (05-04-21) — Helix Studios has confirmed to the JRL CHARTS Newsroom that the highly anticipated release of “Helix Soccer Team on DVD” is scheduled for worldwide release in May.

Directed by multi award-winning director Alex Roman (D.G.A), “Helix Soccer Team’ (2021) delivers you Latin twinks Giorgio Angelo, Dave Andrew, Neil Scott and Felix Harris. Also starring in this two hour Latin raw twink extravaganza from producers Keith Miller and Casey Roman are, Francis Gerard, Sly Conan, Tommy Ameal, Jack Moon, Antu Burghos and Gil Donovan.


Helix Soccer Team DVD-Neil Scott-Felix Harris-Sly Conan-Helix-Studios-JRL-CHARTS

Helix Soccer Team DVD-Latin-Twinks-Dave Andrew-Francis Gerard-Helix-Studios-2021-05-04-JRL-CHARTS

Helix Soccer Team DVD-Dave Andrew-Francis Gerard-Helix-Studios-JRL-CHARTS

“Soccer is #1! – If not  the most popular sport in Latin America, and the boys trying out for the Helix team in this scorcher are some of the sexiest! After a day of putting hard work in on the field, the young guys are filled with testosterone and curiosity.  Once in the locker room with all those hot, beautiful, bronze bodies where jockstraps abound, will they act on their emotions?

With blood pumping from their work outs the guys get busy in the changing room in EVERY combination, twosomes, threesomes and giant, gorgeous, gooey groups, who grope, gulp, fuck and suck their way to victory! GOAL!!!”

Helix Soccer Team DVD-Latin-Twinks-Giorgio Angelo-Tommy Ameal-Helix-Studios-JRL-CHARTS

Helix Soccer Team DVD-Giorgio Angelo-Tommy Ameal-Helix-Studios-JRL-CHARTS

Helix Soccer Team DVD-Latin-Twinks-Neil Scott-Felix Harris-Sly Conan-Helix-Studios-02-JRL-CHARTS

Helix Soccer Team DVD-Neil Scott-Felix Harris-Sly Conan-Helix-Studios-JRL-CHARTS

Helix Studios Direct is set to release Alex Roman’s upcoming masterpiece that features 10 of the hottest Latin twink entertainers on the planet by early June 2021.

Watch Helix Studios – Helix Soccer Team NSFW Trailer

Helix Soccer Team DVD-official-gay-porn-movie-trailer-Helix-Studios

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Directed by:
Alex Roman (D.G.A)

Written by:
Casey Roman
Francis McAllister

Director of Photography:
Alex Roman (D.G.A)
AJ Ford

Editing by:
Travis Lane
A.V. Alferez

Graphic Design by:
Emilee Douglas

Production Assistant:
Andy Taylor

PG Queen

Production Manager:
Deniz Bilgin

Produced by:
Casey Roman

Executive Producer:
Keith Miller

Production companies:
Helix Studios

Distributed by:
Helix Studios Direct

Run time:
127 Minutes

Latin America

English | Spanish

Ship date:
May 11, 2021

Street date:
May 20, 2021

Copyright © 2021 13 Red Media

Adult consumers can review “Helix Soccer Team” on DVD at the Helix Studios Online Superstore.

Retailers, E-Tailers and distributors can get wholesale information by contacting Helix Studios Direct toll-free at 1-800-481-1417 | EMAIL  | Facebook  | Tumblr  | Twitter.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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