LAS VEGAS — (07-07-22) — Helix Studios breaks out big time for July with its American twink release  of Cosmic Connection (2022) starring Helix Exclusives’ Josh Brady and Keagan Case. Executive producer Keith Miller and producer Casey Roman are sure to be impressed with the digital download numbers from multi award-winning directors Alex Roman (D.G.A) and Max Carter.

Helix Studios-Cosmic Connection-Josh Brady-Keagan Case-Screen Clips-2022

Helix Studios-Cosmic Connection-Josh Brady-Keagan Case-Screen Clips-2022

“During a truly incredible date, highlighting one of the coolest, most out of this world, visually stunning, psychedelic attractions in Vegas, Josh Brady, and Keagan Case clasp hands, kiss, and link in a cosmically close, carnal connection. This sky rockets them into a wild world of porn-perfect pleasure. It’s a beautiful, bliss filled, butt bangin’, boy journey, with an out of this world creamy climax!”

Gay porn bloggers are already heavily promoting Josh Brady and Keagan Case in the American twink masterpiece production of ‘Cosmic Connection’ (2022).

Watch Cosmic Connection NSFW Trailer (2022) Helix Studios

Helix Studios-Cosmic Connection-Josh Brady-Keagan Case-Teaser-Trailer-2022-13 Red Media

Helix Studios-Cosmic Connection-Teaser-Trailer-2022-13 Red Media

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Directed by:
Alex Roman (D.G.A)
Max Carter

Film Editing by:

Produced by:
Casey Roman

Executive Producer:
Keith Miller

Production companies:
Helix Studios

Distributed by:
Helix Studios Direct
13 Red Media



Run time:
27 Minutes

Digital Release Date:
July 7, 2022

Copyright © 2022 Helix Studios/13 Red Media

Retailers can get immediate ordering information by contacting Helix Studios Direct/13 Red Media toll-free at 1-800-481-1417 | EMAIL  | Facebook  | Tumblr  | Twitter | Helix Studios TV.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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